Corporate Video

Director / TD, Production Management, directing complex, national and international, live corporate events

Early in his 30+ year career, Richard Stucker worked for 4 major Video Production houses across the country, directing a wide range of productions from Live Corporate Events and Corporate Videos to a variety of Documentaries, and TV Commercials for major market ad agencies. Shortly before forming his own independent business, in 1978 he added recording live theatre, dance and opera performances to his specialties. With this extensive amount of national production work over the years, he has developed a tight network of highly skilled technicians, and audio and video professionals.

Director / DP and Editor of Corporate Videos around the world.

Stucker Video has several major advantages over local vendors:

  • Extensive National Experience
  • Multiple Video Record Formats
  • Staffing Flexibility – Pay only for what you need.
  • Competitive Pricing in our 7 regions
  • Availability On-Demand