Live Event Recording

With over 30 years of experience capturing over 1,040 complete plays, all during live audience, scheduled performances across the country, we have developed a wealth of time-tested, yet cost effective recording techniques. And it is because of this same level of experience, that we have become emotionally driven to capture as many of these productions as we can for individual regional theatre archives, before they end their runs, never to be seen again.

Our second goal has been to record these performances in the highest quality possible, capturing every minute detail in the costumes, set design, lighting and sound design, as well as every subtle nuance in the expressions and movement of the actors. We get only one shot at this, so it has to be done right!

For this reason, in the last 15 years we have been capturing many of these performances in the new High Definition, 1080p, 16X9 format, burning them onto Blu Ray discs, and donating large HD 1080p LED monitors and playback systems for our clients’ archival use.

The slow, smooth zooming capacity of our HD camera(s) allow us to gently push in when the blocking allows it, and pull out to follow the action. No more over exposed out-of-focus, VHS ‘quality’ from a tiny camera, locked off on a wide shot from the back of the house, or dangling from the mezzanine!